Trading Tips for a Better Income and a Better City


SimCity BuildIt is a favorite game that everyone likes to play as a mobile game. It is fun as it can be played online as well as off-line. There are many followers right from the 90’s who are following this game. As there is no war or fight or anything negative about the game, it is specially liked by those who are more constructive and positive in their lives. As a regular city, there are citizens living in the city and the city revolves around everyday life and everyday economy. The economy of the city depends on production and sales, manufacturing and selling, exporting and importing, etc. These trading activities have to be closely monitored by the mayor. By following a few tips, his trading activities will be most profitable.

Continuous Production: The production of goods in the factories takes a lot of time. Hence, the mayor has to see that the process of production is continuous and factories work non-stop to keep producing goods. In case there is over production, it can easily be sold off. But if there is no production, then everything will have to wait and it is a waste of time.

City Storage: The mayor has to refer to the products in the city storage so that he can know what products have to be produced next and what need not be produced immediately.

Farmers Market: The mayor has to look into the products in the Trade HQ and get the products such as cream, cheese, fruits and flour that are sold there. Usually they are quoted at cheaper rates and this lowers your production process.

Trade Depot: This trade depot has to be utilized to its maximum level. Excess products can be sold here, which prevents wastage as well as helps to increase income. In the same way, there are many products that are sold cheap here. Buy it; it may be of use earlier than later. It also saves production time and cost. In case there is no one to purchase your excess products, Daniel, the computer will purchase it.

Basic Needs: The city should have basic facilities. Provide basic services such as water, fire, health and sewage. Building more than the basics requires more money and it may have to be demolished later due to lack of space. Demolishment does not get any compensation and you will lose Simoleons spent on building them.

Buy Low, Sell High. As a trader, the basic policy of buying at lower rates and selling at higher rates should be followed by the mayor. In this way he will always maintain his profitability.

Interact with Others: Having a good social interaction through chatting helps you to get good friends. You can share ideas, clear doubts and even display achievements made in your city.

Playing the game requires that the mayor keep a vigilant control over all the activities taking place in the city. Being alert to the needs of the city and using the Simoleons in the best manner keeps the citizens happy. He can also make use of free Simoleons of unlimited amounts through the simcity buildit guide.

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